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I didn’t read it as Peter saying, “I’m not that into you.” I wish he hadn’t come across so prickishly stubborn and unbending at times, but I interpreted what he was saying as an honest, “I have strong feelings for you, but I’ve known you for a total of like 12 hours, let’s just see how this goes without a forced and fake proposal that historically has meant little more than a preschooler proposing with a ring from a Cracker Jack box.” But I’m a sucker for an emotionally unavailable man you have to work for, so maybe don’t listen to me.wanted Peter despite the #neveradoubt hashtag she’s using on photos of Bryan. I respected Rachel a lot for being above the bullshit rules of the Bachelor universe. Vulture’s Ali Barthwell and Jada Yuan join the Cut’s Allison P. But it’s also partly about hearing what Peter is actually saying, which is, “I’m not sure I will be ready to marry you.” I’ve just been in this situation so many times, of really liking, or loving, a guy and feeling he’s so perfect for me, but there’s just one little flaw: He’s not into me enough to want to be my boyfriend, my fiancée, my (to use De Mario’s phrase) side dude. The point is, you have one fundamental difference, and it’s that you don’t want the same thing. The thing about rejecting Peter because he wasn’t sure he wants to marry her , yes, it was partly about wanting a ring, both to have parity with other Bachelorettes and as an insurance policy for the months ahead of not being able to be a couple in public.

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It’s how you treat an ex you’ve decided is a bad person. Davis: I see your theory, Jada, and hope it’s wrong because I want to be right about Peter.

As someone who recognizes from my own experience that relationships rarely work out unless the guy is a little more into you than you are into him, I’m all for it.

And that’s not a difference you get around without breaking up and seeing if he comes around. I’m just going to keep going with this thing where I imagine myself in Rachel’s shoes because I feel like I relate to her.

That he was really in love, just very rational, and not angling to be the Bachelor.

Those lines though — “This world is not for you” — seemed like a definite attempt to ruin his chances at being the Bachelor. If he won’t commit to me, I wouldn’t want to be part of his redemption story on another season. They would have been a beautiful couple, and I’m personally still not over it.

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