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Hello, First search onvif camera, write the Ip found, go back Add the camera manually and use IP you found with onvif detection port 554 marque: none Video : H264 source: /onvif1 user name: admin Password : the pw defined in the camera Save = The only thing I don't have is the Pan Tilt option, it seems this is not recognized ?? (port 554 = rtsp protocol) @Digoo team do you have any idea ?I use DG-M1Z camera I confirm using port 5000 as 'real onvif' protocol with synology is not working @Dave,yes, the port of Digoo Eye seris cam is onvif 5000.We praise ourselves lucky to have access to the equipment of our choice.And you are lucky to have a chance of winning some of that great equipment.

Add amazing microphone audio effects to your broadcast.The pic quality is expected to see ; ) Looking forward to your kind reply.Hi Eve, I was on Holidays, reason of my silence until now ;-) I will come back on the config and the image I have with synology asap.For sure it is not possible to use port 5000 with synology for DIGOO cam DG-M1Z (used with another brand without problem).Reason why I used port 554 to have camera connected.

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