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Just to make sure one pans out, one single explained.In these more enlightened times, single men think nothing of aggressively trawling the net for female partners, while transgenders are as bold about putting themselves out there, the Inquirer found out. “The smarter the woman gets, the more difficult it is to find the perfect man,” rued one single in her 30s.“It’s just so hard to picture myself as a kept woman. because it’s so juicy there.” He added of a guy he’s talking to right now: “He’s great. I don’t want to be labeled a home-wrecker,” she said of her relationship with a married guy. I say the smarter the woman gets, the more difficult it is to find the perfect man.” More aggressive Sharon Ann Pereira, a 37-year-old single mom and restaurant supervisor based in Vancouver, also ended her relationship with a guy when she found out about his wife and kid back home. He said his ATM card got damaged and he had left his credit cards somewhere.

Circumstances can get particularly desperate for single older women, the interviews indicated.

“When he saw me, the first thing he said was, ‘You don’t look 5’5”.

He then insisted on dining al fresco so he could smoke, without even asking me if I was fine with that. “I still believe in finding love, even in places like Tinder.

Awkward Min, who caught her boyfriend cheating, had tried using Tinder to start dating anew, but found it awkward.

“You see some of your friends or your officemates in it,” she said.

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