Eharmony christian dating review who is natalie tejeda dating

I have gotten 210 matches so far and only 26 of them have visited my profile. You can't see the last time a person was logged in.Since I click on all of my suggested matches (even the ones that I don't find appealing) I think that the low number of visitors on my profile quite accurately reflects the ratio of active members.First, I signed up using my phone during the Christmas holiday using my phone and a weak wifi signal.When I got to the payment page, I thought it didn't process so I re-submitted. Once I realized my mistake, it was outside their 3-day refund window and they would not give me a refund -- even for the second year. They ask you questions via questionaires, however match you with people completely opposite to what you had requested.I'm a straight female who is looking for a compatible male. I signed up for a year - out of eight responses five were scam - obviously not real because they did not even speak English properly or the places they were from were misspelled. Anyone who signs up to this site after reading these reviews needs their head seeing to. How could that be possible if everybody has to fill profiles and then people get matched accordingly? It feels a bit meaningless to read through profile after profile when you know that very few of them are active, but you have no way of knowing which ones they are.I really wish that Eharmony would reinstate the function where you could see on people's profiles when they last logged in.

Lol Anyway, save your money 'cause you're not going to find anybody on this site!! Generally there seem to be a poor selection of over 70's in any area. They frequently 'match' you with people 10 years younger and who live 100 miles away, hardly conducive to an evening meal or cinema trip out. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I've now been matched to a WOMAN!!!

Now, almost a year later, I'm getting spam emails saying that people want to talk to me!

I haven't been a member for ages and I definitely won't be giving them and more money.

Third, after nearly 2 years I have gone out with exactly 1 guy. Hard to be excited about someone that lives hundreds of miles away! Advertise "free communication" in their ads yet you have to pay if you want to communicate with anyone! I was then asked to send an email in which case I did, just to be told they cannot refund me my money.

I've more often been contacted by members only to get a message from e Harmony that their accounts were suspended for suspicious activity. Plus, every few days I get an email stating one of my "matches" has been removed because EHarmony found out something they can't reveal about them. Spoke to a class action lawyer and he said that there was nothing anyone could do because of the mediation clause in the contract. This company cares less about matching you with people of common interest, they are money scammers and should be called EScam instead.

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