End a dating relationship

Shutterstock Many women have a timeline for their relationship, and they believe that by year x (for many women it’s between year 1 and year 3) they should be moved in with their boyfriend.And if he doesn’t suggest it, or even rejects the idea when they bring it up, many women will call it quits.For everybody, imbalances and periods of stress or depression manifest in different ways, and for women that can often be weight gain.But your partner who is your greatest ally in this time!Often during a first date, you're just waiting for a "spark," connection, or literally any sign that justifies you spending your time with this person you barely know.But sometimes (a lot of the time) that doesn't happen.

Having some explanation about why you decided to stop dating may help him put the relationship in perspective.

He knows you well and can help you pinpoint the emotional or mental issues that are causing this, and can be a pillar of strength while you make the changes necessary to get your life and weight back on track.

And he would probably be devastated to know that you left him all over some body changes!

Don’t promise to remain friends if you don’t really want to be.

Sometimes the person who is being told of the breakup will try to negotiate a continued friendship.

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