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C., which sparked intense, sometimes violent demonstrations — was recorded by a body camera.

However, this produced incomplete footage because an officer at the scene failed to activate it until after the shooting, so it did not capture audio.

After that trial period, the police departments would either send back the cameras or buy them.

The company still plans to sell Tasers, though, which Smith called "one of our flagship products." According to the company, these devices are used by more than 18,000 law enforcement agencies in more than 100 countries — the vast majority of them departments in the United States — and have saved more than 180,000 people from death or serious injury. Smith, the company's chief executive, told the Huffington Post that the Taser name "can be a little polarizing."In a 2015 investigation, The Washington Post found that about one person per week died that year in incidents where Tasers were used.

While a link between the Tasers and those deaths was not clear, Tasers were mentioned in at least a dozen cases as one factor on the autopsy reports or cause-of-death. In "probe mode," barbs are shot into a person's body, delivering a current that locks up the muscles and can incapacitate someone.

They can also be used in "drive stun" mode, which involves pressing the device against a person and does not incapacitate them but causes pain that is intended to force compliance.

The company reported net sales of 8 million last year, up substantially from 7 million in revenue in 2015.

Most of this came from Taser devices and cartridges, which accounted for 2 million in sales last year, compared to the million from Axon-related cameras and, which allows for storage of footage and other data.

Experts have expressed concerns about privacy — noting that the cameras may record people not involved in police encounters — as well as the costs involved in both the devices and storing the data that is produced.

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In 2016, body cameras captured 138 of 963 shootings, according to The Post's database, nearly double a year earlier, when 74 of 991 shootings were recorded that way.

Body cameras, like some other recordings, may not necessarily provide full clarity of an incident.

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