How to keep dating casual

Don’t let it pass you by; there is too much you would miss out on.

Although you may be dating several guys at once, you shouldn’t treat them like a dime a dozen.

Some think that it is something thrilling and mysterious while others are quite judgmental about it.

The main point of it, however, is to keep your options open to meet as many people as you can.

Aside from this, you should also listen to your inner voice if it is telling you to start a conversation with a cute stranger you just met.

For sure you don’t want to have any pieces missing or you will have a hole in your picture. If you’re looking for the rules of casual dating, you should know that the number one rule is to be honest.

In case you would like to have a casual relationship, it is important for the both of you to know what to expect. You could thinking about aspects like whether or not it is okay for you guys to act as a couple in public, should your relationship be a secret, will you stop seeing each other if one of you has a serious relationship, and how often you will see each other.

This way you will both know where you’re standing and there will be no hurt feelings in the end.

As a result you can forget about watching movies from your comfy couch. In case you have been a couch potato until now, this is the perfect time to kick the habit and become more outgoing.

The world is a lot more fun than you would have ever thought.

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