Is mandating health care constitutional

That’s the principle underlying our lawsuit, and it’s so basic to our constitutional framework that the case ultimately deserves a judgment by the nation’s highest court.” The case was filed on behalf of Matt Sissel, a small-business owner who wants to pay medical expenses on his own and has financial, philosophical and constitutional objections to being ordered to purchase a health plan he does not need or want.

His attorneys argue the Constitution requires all tax bills in Congress to begin in the House of Representatives.

“The Supreme Court has ruled that the Individual Mandate ‘penalty’ payment is a tax – yet it started not in the House, but in the Senate.” He noted PLF’s challenge to Obamacare on Origination Clause grounds, which is pending before the full U. They knew the power to tax can be abused, and they wanted to limit that danger by giving the primary authority to the chamber closest to the people.” See an explanation of the PLF’s arguments: “After all, many taxes have purposes other than simply to raise revenue.

Yet another case is suing the Obama administration for making arbitrary changes – outside of Congress – in the law.

Just last week, the court said the law’s references to exchanges “established by the state” can be read broadly to include virtually every exchange that has been established, even those by the federal government.

That’s even though a key Obama architect specifically said the law was written to punish states that did not set up exchanges by depriving their citizens of subsidies.

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