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Andrew Wyant, a murder case where Lincoln's opponent, the talented Bloomington lawyer Leonard Swett, successfully raised the defense of not guilty by reason of insanity.Lamon, a close friend of Lincoln's, was the State's Attorney for the entire Circuit.He charged the railroad ,000, astronomical when compared to Lincoln's typical fee of to 0 for most other cases.The railroad refused to pay the fee, and Lincoln sued to collect in the Circuit Court of Mc Lean County. Lincoln's legal work in Mc Lean County was the same as everywhere else, overwhelmingly civil as opposed to criminal.The voters of Mc Lean County, of which Bloomington was the seat, carried Lincoln every time they had an opportunity.And by 1860, Bloomington was the second largest county on the Circuit.

Lincoln, for one, had long been involved in the promotion of the Chicago and Alton, and was an attorney for the Illinois Central.

The Eighth Judicial Circuit informed in 1839, two years after Lincoln's admission to the bar and one year after his first court appearance in Bloomington.

Mc Lean was the only county to remain in the Circuit throughout Lincoln's career.

Originally from Danville, he had substantially aided Lincoln's career in a loose association sometimes characterized as a partnership.

Lamon then moved to Bloomington in 1856 and lived there until he went to Washington with Lincoln.

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