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They hooked up later that month in Johnson's dorm room, where, the student said, Johnson told him he was "clean." He gave Johnson a blow job. He wanted bareback sex, he said, because Johnson was "huge," "only my third black guy," and — as he said Johnson told him yet again — "clean."The student said he has barebacked with multiple "friends and ex-boyfriends," situations in which "we trusted each other.Johnson invited him to go out sometime, but the student got busy and "didn't have time for that." They didn't hook up again until early October. I mean, I don't just let anybody do it." Yet he also said he had bareback sex "with people I barely knew." In those cases, he said, "I knew they were clean," sometimes just "by looking at them."The student's nonchalance changed when he described a call he got from Johnson a few days after their second hookup: "He calls me and he said, ' I found out I have a disease.' And I asked, ' Is there a cure?

It's been erroneously reported that Johnson has also been charged for making the tapes, but he hasn't.

But after seeing his own mugshot in the media, even Johnson admitted, "If I didn't know that person, I knew I would be very shocked and scared." His mother, Tracy Johnson, told Buzz Feed, "This is not what his childhood friends, his brothers — the people who had a hand in raising him — wanted for him."Johnson was born in 1991 in Indianapolis.

He is the youngest of his single mother's five sons. Both Johnson and his mother said that he has dyslexia and was enrolled in special education.

But even if that's what Johnson did, he is hardly the only one keeping such information to himself.

A 2004 article published in the medical journal Topics in HIV Medicine reviewed 15 studies on disclosure conducted over a dozen years in the United States.

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