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After kissing fellow competitor Judd Daugherty at the end of the finale, rumors swirled the two were hooking up.Despite their canoodling inside the house, however, it appears any showmance between the two ended as soon as the after-party was over. Although the two of them were spotted partying together earlier this month, and hanging out at a charity event, Aaryn says they are just friends. So, if it isn’t Judd Daughtery or Russell Hantz, which man has caught the former Well, we don’t know that much about him but apparently Aaryn Gries is dating a very handsome marine she jokingly called her “body guard” in a pic posted to her Instagram feed.Julie Chen said that CBS hopes to revamp the Big Brother series because the series has gotten a little stale over the past few season.Chen agreed with the Big Brother fans that the show has become too predictable.Just imagining Russell on Big Brother is enough to get you excited for the new season of the number one summer reality series.Check out the promo and let CDL know what you think.

He was fantastic on the CBS reality TV show and was able to find hidden immunity idols without a clue. A few days ago, Hantz hinted on Twitter that he could be appearing on the CBS reality series in June.The "Big Brother" fans have lost their minds over the possibility of one of the biggest "Survivor" legends playing on "BB19" this summer.She also said that in recent seasons, there were no big blindsides or power moves.Julie believes BB19 will be action-packed and full of drama.

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