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Those soldier types only have one thing on their mind, you remember that.” Kim sighed and hugged her father, while rolling her eyes so he couldn’t see.

Off she was to military training, where she would probably be training to go up against the worst criminals and monsters on the planet, and her father was worried about boys.

Surprisingly enough, Drakken and her other regulars had been quiet lately, so there had been no interruptions.

If the show had been produced by MTV or VH1, the crew might have followed the squad into the locker room, with fuzzing out of naughty bits.

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Her face was a little red, her breath was shortened, her nipples were pointing straight up in the air and had a familiar wetness between her legs.

The same moisture she’d had five mornings in a row. In the dream, Kim was tied on the bed nude with her legs spread wide.

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