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Do you think if their administartion creates FAKE profiles themselves, they are going to remove scammers?? DO NOT register there, Mixed is spam and scam.another spamming piece of shit: Hi,how are you? Age: 53 Location: New York, New York, NY, US Birthday: About me Looking for some new friends... And I usually hang out over on sites that place fake profiles on other sites are SCAM!! Had this one sent to my Skype profile [] sexy_dating: You don't have to change your life around just to get time to meet someone. Pointed out to me by a fellow baiter via Skype European and American women are too arrogant for you?

I hope that you are fine and in good spirits today. Meet" onclick=";return false; --a great online community dedicated to single Baby Boomers. = SCAM, don't register there.another freaking spam, this time advertising STD crap: Good day to you... Age: 33 Location: New York, New York, NY, US Birthday: About me I thought life was over when I found out I had herpes. I wonder what this model would say if she found out her image was being used as having STD!! Welcome to join our group for free at " " where have many single police officers, single firefighters, and military singles. There are over 7 million members on sexywebdating's online community. Are you looking for a sweet lady that will be caring and understanding?

A friend of mine says I don't miss a thing but if I'm fortunate to be with you and I miss something that is important to you then, just let me know.

About you Simply honest and willing to be open to love. and this is crap they mass-mail: hey...sorry 2 bother u...

If you do you will be spammed to death, and most likely scammed. here is an exhibit number 1: JSenior spammer: [email protected] China spammed my forums at datingnmore.

Spokeo is a unique background check service that reserches people by EMAIL. and another idiot keeps spamming on 4ppl: Hi, how r u? I found so many peoples on Gothic Flirts dot c0m were from this site.

There is, however, one phenomenon online that is so strictly and so heavily gendered that it is a source of much bafflement to many.

It involves putting a lot of your ego on the line, just laying bare your sense of self and sticking a big KICK ME sign on it.

some1 recommend me this site Mixed, i tried it 2 days, scammers will be blocked or deleted within 24h..u can have a try...

take care john So, its like that: our own site we keep clean, and on other sites we shit, and set up fake profiles. Now there is no doubt that both Gothic and Meet is a SCAM.

Here in the Weird Alternate Future, the internet has proven, despite its serious problems, to be something of a gender leveller.

There remains a lot of ingrained sexism in internet culture, and some screaming misogynists hiding behind anonymity, but there are also a lot of places where the everyone-is-text phenomenon allows men and women to enjoy a more nearly level playing field than ever before.

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