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“My number-one suggestion is to actually read the person’s profile and reference what things you liked in it, and then ask a question (or questions) specific to that particular profile. ” If a woman mentions the kind of job she has, ask her about it.

Or, ask a guy what the highlight of his workday happened to be in your subject line. ” Be sure to ask for a specific opinion if you go this route.

Take the pressure off by doing something along these lines and those first date nerves will melt away.

If your still struggling for ideas then take a look at our top 15 alternative date ideas.

“This can not only break the ice, it also leads to a lot of deep conversations,” continues Dr. People get bored with being asked what they do for a living or how they like to spend their weekends.

Other great questions are: • If you were a superhero, what power would you have? • What’s the one song that always gets you on the dance floor – even if it’s your secret guilty pleasure?

If your still struggling then take a look at some more top first date conversation starters. Then don’t choose the type of date where you’ll be forced to sit face to face at a dinner table for two hours.

’ – this is a chance to share something cringeworthy with your date, build a bond over a shared confidence and have a laugh.

It’s a good test of your date’s sense of humour and the first of many chances to make them giggle.

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