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The Turks who descended from a ruling house used -zade ("descendant in the male line"), e.g.Sami Paşazade Mehmet Bey ("Mehmet Bey, descendant/son of Sami Pasha").Since 2014, women in Turkey are allowed to keep their birth names alone for their whole life instead of using their husbands' names.Prior to this date, the Turkish Code of Civil Law Article 187 required a married woman to compulsorily obtain her husband's surname after the marriage; or otherwise, to use her birth name in front of her husband’s name by giving a written application to the marriage officer or the civil registry office.What makes it unique (except the vast amount of historical sightseeing spots) is the mix of Oriental and Western influences.

However, some unisex names are used more for one gender (Derya is used more for girls, whereas Özgür is used more for boys).

The surname (soyad, literally "lineage name" or "family name") is an ancestry-based name following a person's given names, used for addressing people or the family.

The surname (soyadı) is a single word according to Turkish law.

Most Turkish names can easily be differentiated from others, especially if they are of pure Turkic origin.

The Law on the Adoption and Implementation of the Turkish Alphabet of 1928, in force as decreed by article 174 of the Constitution of Turkey, prescribes that only letters in the Turkish alphabet may be used on birth certificates.

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