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Nob Hill also has the strongest late night scene in the city, but if all-night partying is your thing, Albuquerque may not be your place.The Albuquerque Sunport (that's “airport” to the rest of us) is here, and so are the Asian restaurants and shops (including a fabulous international market named Talin).A 2BR loft apartment in Downtown won't cost much (0), but for a 2BR in Old Town, all that charm will raise the rates (00). The East Mountains area is also technically a part of Albuquerque, but they're separated from the metro area by the Sandia Mountains, resulting in about a twenty minute drive to the city.The prices are pretty steep in many areas of the East Mountains, and the snowfall level is much higher than the rest of Albuquerque, but if rural is your thing and you're one of the ones with dreams of hiking in your own backyard, we recommend giving some serious thought to the East Mountains. It's totally easy to find a great place to live in Albuquerque.There are a lot of available apartments, houses, and houses that have been transformed into apartments and the prices are amazingly low.

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The North Valley also holds the Bosque park preserve, and opens up to Albuquerque's suburbs, such as Rio Rancho.

Warning though, many areas still don't have DSL access (we're talking log cabins here!

) and you'd have to either deal with dial-up, or fork out some extra cash to get satellite internet.

While location is important (more on that later), Albuquerque is small enough that wherever you rent, you'll always be right next to the great outdoors. Albuquerque traffic is virtually unheard of (commuters rejoice!

In fact, if you drive forty minutes out of town from anywhere in the city, you'll be in the middle of the desert. ) Albuquerque is divided into quadrants, bisected vertically by the Rio Grande river, and horizontally by the BNSF Railroad.

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