Updating nohost the hostname

All clients that support this API completely and communicate over SSL will properly update Umbrella network IP address information.For complete documentation regarding the API please see the Dyn Website.I started having an issue this morning where trying to update my account using all.as the hostname is not working to update all of my services..I typically use this under pf Sense, but even though the update shows successful, listing all of my hostnames on my account are showing my old address, with a last update time of AM this morning.

YES activates preferred MX record pointed to hostname itself, NOCHG keeps the previous value, any other value is considered as NO and deactivates the corresponding -O-Matic distributes the update to the selected services in a separate process.

If you are a developer interested in writing your own Dynamic DNS updater client, this topic contains information pertinent to a successful implementation.

Open DNS uses the DNS Update API from Dyn DNS to receive Dynamic DNS updates of IP addresses.

This method is widely supported by many clients including third-party routers.

This is an implementation of the Remote Access Update API designed by Dyn.

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