Windows mobile updating

3- download and install DHTUpgrade Advisor Dependecies via file explorer or sideload via device portal 4- Download and Install Interop Tools 1.7 and open the app and hit on Restore NDTKSvc (This will help you to change the Registry, Some users are facing error trying to hit button "Allow Update" "Allow Update 512MB") 4.1- Open DHTUpgrade Advisor and hit "Allow Update 512MB devices" or "Allow Update" 4.2- in settings about.

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Mr Gavin was speaking to Business Insider about the new Surface line-up, which includes an overhauled Surface Pro, brand-new Surface Laptop and desktop behemoth, Surface Studio.

Many believe Microsoft still plans to launch its own smartphone.

And should the Redmond company ever decide to add a smartphone to its Surface range, we can be sure that it "will not resemble what we know and think of as a phone today," Mr Gavin told Business Insider.

2- setup your phone after hard reset, avoid WIFI or mobile data access on your phone.

2.1- once your device is done, go to developer options and enable developer mode.

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